Are you a stylist? Do you have garment requests you need to fulfill as soon as possible?

 No problem. has made it easier to get you the clothing you need to dress your client in the fastest time imaginable contingent on your budget. 

With our user-friendly revised garment request form, you can now choose your garments and accessories  online and with the click of the button. Your order can be reviewed and processed within minutes, if accepted.


Ready to get started?  Follow these 3 easy steps:


1. Browse our online store

2. Write down the items you'd like to request. Be sure to write down the color, size, and price.

3. Complete the Request Form online by CLICKING HERE!


As a stylist, I understand the pressures associated with making your client look their very best. It is our goal to assist you with doing that, without the hassle that is generally associated with pull requests and last minute deadlines. We are elated that you chose our quality garments to wardrobe your client in and we look forward to viewing your work. 


Sonya Marie