Just like choosing the best dress for yourself is important, picking out the best bra is equally essential. Though it doesn’t seem like a very big deal, it kind of is.

There are subtle differences in bras that suit different kind of breasts. First we’ll focus on the different breast shapes and the bras you should pick accordingly.

Some breasts are shallow i.e. they start form the top with a slight slope. To give fullness to such breasts, one should wear a push up with padding that will bring the lower tissue up. Those women with breast implants can use any type of a bra as they please. If your breast shape is conical, padded bras would work perfectly. About 6-7 percent of the women have conical breasts that do not look round and padded bras give them a more round and fuller look.

Many women are concerned about the fact that their breasts are uneven and they can’t find the right bras. The trick is to always find the bra that fits your bigger breast. The foam on the cup can make your other breast fuller and just the same size. If your breasts are splayed, as in they point towards different directions, then a Demi bra would work best for you. It has a triangular piece in the center where the wires meet and it helps getting your breasts together and giving them a better shape.

Now in order to find the perfect bra for yourself, you need to follow a few simple steps;

First of all you need to know your band size. Use a soft tape and wrap it around your ribs under your breasts and measure it. If the measuring tape is not in line, you will not get an accurate measurement. After measuring your band size, measure your bust size. Wrap the tape around your breasts at their fullest point and measure. Be sure to not pull the tape tightly. All women have breasts one bigger than the other so be sure to measure the fuller one.

Now after you have measured your band and bust size, it is time to find out your cup size. Subtract your band size from your bust size and that will give you your cup size. One inch I A cup and this number increases till 5 inch which is DD cup. When you go to the shop to find the bra for yourself, be sure to check their charts as well as the cup sizes for every brand are different. If you are not sure if you can measure it correctly all by yourself then take help from a professional. Helping customers find the perfect bra for them is part of their job. There is no harm in asking for a little help. Remember that your bra size is not permanent. It keeps changing and many factors determine the bra size so it is important that you get yourself measured again before you go out to buy a new bra for yourself.