Bloating Is the feeling of fullness or swelling you get out of nowhere. Usually women over the age of 30 experience it quite frequently. There are many foods and drinks that people don’t know of and they help when one if feeling bloated. A few of them are as below;
Water with Lemon
A lot of people think that water makes them bloated and they skip it when actually you should be doing quite the opposite. People think that if your body is holding on to water then you don’t need to drink more. Actually, holding on to fluids is your body’s coping mechanism against dehydration. This is the time when you should drink more, not restrict yourself from it. Lemons are considered to be natural diuretics and laxatives. So one lemon daily in one glass of normal temperature water can reduce the amount of salt retained in the body and help flush it out of the system thus, purifying your body. It is advisable to drink from a glass rather a straw as you do not want to suck in extra air as you gulp down the fluid.
Celery has been used for centuries as it acts as a fiber and helps your bowel movements as well as control intestinal gas. Celery has a high water concentration and it helps in cleaning the body of all toxins. Though it can be eaten raw, but for some people, raw celery can cause more bloating so it is important that you cook it first. No need to add oil if you don’t want to.
Watermelons are considered as the juiciest fruits as they contain 92% water. Cucumber and rosemary mixed with watermelon can help fix the bloating and deflate the swollen abdomen. The water content flushes out all your toxins and makes the skin radiant.
Rosemary and turmeric
Rosemary is known for being the cure to almost all stomach and food related problems, be it heart burn or blood pressure. It also treats intestinal gas. Adding this in your daily salad can make a lot of difference. Turmeric on the other hand has been used in the Middle East and Asia for most stomach related problems and it can also be used to fight away bloating.
Bloating usually occurs when your body has consumed a lot of sodium and not enough potassium and fiber. Lentils have high amount of potassium and fiber and they aid in digestion. Soybeans are used for this purpose quite extensively. They are high in estrogen and can also reduce period induced bloating
Yogurt is already predigested and the sugar in it is already broken down. For lactose intolerant people, Yogurt is important as they cannot use milk. Make your watermelon and yogurt smoothie for ultimate bloat free results.
To keep away your bloating, opt for fresh foods instead of processed ones. Keep your sodium intake to a minimum and if your bloating is being caused by constipation, drink lots of water and eat fibers. If the bloating persists, consult your physician.